Nevada Senators ask Bush to clarify nuke position

WASHINGTON - Nevada Senators Harry Reid and Richard Bryan, both Democrats, say GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush needs to make a clear, unambiguous statement on Yucca Mountain.

"It's time for Gov. Bush to end his waffling and let us know where he truly stands on the issue of nuclear waste in Nevada," they said in a joint statement Wednesday.

Bush issued a statement Tuesday saying he would let science, not politics, determine the nuclear waste dump's location.

Reid and Bryan described that as "completely worthless." They called on Bush to say whether he would veto legislation that targets Nevada for interim storage of nuclear waste and whether he would veto legislation that weakens health and safety standards at the site 75 miles north of Las Vegas.

Nevada Democrats have said that issue is key to Nevada's support for any candidate.

"These are the basic questions that the governor has to answer and until he does, his statement from yesterday will continue to be viewed for what it was - an attempt to hoodwink every Nevadan into believing that he would truly protect our state's interests," said Bryan.

"However, Bush's environmental record in Texas gives me no comfort he will join us in this fight."

Reid said the statement Bush issued was "like trying to hide an elephant behind a postage stamp."

"This is the most important issue facing the people of Nevada and we deserve a thorough and well reasoned explanation of exactly where Governor Bush stands on critical health and safety standards and who should be allowed to set them."

They asked Bush to answer their questions in a letter directed to Bush in his Austin, Texas, statehouse.


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