Nevada's first forusome turn a page

It was everything you would expect from a birthday party. Times four.

"My kids just wanted to have a party," said Joan Vansickle, mother of Carson City quadruplets.

Joshua, Jimmie, Jennifer and Jeanette, the first quadruplets born in Nevada, celebrated their seventh birthday Friday at the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada.

"I like the party because I like to play," Joshua said.

He was not the only one who wanted to play. About 25 guests showed up for the gathering to celebrate their birthday, which will arrive on Sunday.

"They go to my school and I play with them a lot," said 9-year-old Raquel Woods.

A highlight of the party was Sparkie the Clown. Sparkie organized the children's fifth birthday party as well and Joan Vansickle said the children could not wait to see her again.

"They've been looking forward to doing the limbo for a long time," she said.

She said it also helps to have a clown to entertain the large crowd.

"You have to have a clown," she said. "Without a clown it's just not a party."

Their father, Wayne Vansickle, also got involved with the clowning around. With Sparkie's help, he clucked like a chicken and laid an egg as the children screamed and laughed.

"It's fun," he said. "It's for the kids."

And they are great kids, said their grandfather Wes Jones.

"They're just really good kids," Jones said. "They haven't got a bad bone in their bodies."

He said they are not just siblings but friends.

"They spend a lot of time together," he said. "They really play well with each other."

They also have an older brother, Jonathan.

"We were all born together except Jonathan," Jimmie said.

However, Jonathan, 9, said he does not feel left out.

"It's OK," he said. "I just like to have brothers and sisters."

Jennifer said she does not have a favorite among her four siblings.

"I like them all the same," she said. "I like to play with sisters and brothers."

Jimmie said his favorite part of having brothers and sisters is, "they share their toys with me."

Jones said he does not think the children recognize that their situation is unusual.

"I don't think they're aware of the uniqueness of being four," he said.

Their parents are aware of the situation and at times it can be hectic.

"It's very busy," Wayne Vansickle said. "All the work is multiplied four times. Plus, we have another one."

However, their mother said having four of them can make it easier.

"It's great because they all want to do the same things," she said. "They all have the same interests because they're the same age."


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