New Sutro Fire Station

DAYTON - A financing package to cover the building of all phases of the new fire station east of Dayton is done.

Following a public hearing, the Central Lyon County Fire District Board approved medium-term financing for a $250,000 loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development program. This will bring no new taxes to residents in the area.

Part of the loan will be used to repay developers $121,000 for building the third phase of the Sutro Station ahead of schedule.

According to fire district Chief Bill Driscoll, the remaining money will be used to buy furnishings, a sprinkler system, power generator and other necessary items for the building.

Area developers originally agreed to build the station in three phases, at no cost to the fire district, beginning each phase as a certain numbers of homes were sold. With both developers and fire district officials wanting the station built in its entirety as a "turn-key operation" and knowing that the number of homes required to trigger Phase III would not be met for at least another year, construction was held up for several months as financial negotiations took place.

Landmark Homes, acting in good faith, began building before terms were finalized and the station is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving. Wednesday's vote put the final touch on the project.

Located off Fortune Drive, east of Dayton on Highway 50, the station will house district offices, paramedic quarters and three vehicle bays.

District officials also emphasized that repayment of the loan will be through available funds, with no levying of additional taxes on residents. The board anticipates that at least $16,000 per year will be available within the general fund, a sufficient amount to repay the district's obligation.


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