Performance of DMV system underwhelms

After reading the article in the Oct. 12 paper on how well the DMV is processing registration renewals, I felt compelled to respond. The part about how articles left in the drop box being processed overnight made me laugh out loud!

My registration was due on Sept. 29, so on the 10th, I took my renewal forms and check and placed them in the drop box located at the front door of the Carson City office. When I had not received anything on Sept. 30, I called and spoke to a pleasant female who told me that a few days' worth of the drop box contents had been tossed in with the regular mail.

She also informed me that the date they were processing was the 8th. Armed with that information and photographs of all my renewal paperwork, I figured that it should just be a couple more days until I received my new tags. Ha! On Oct. 9, my new tags arrived in the mail. Finally. By using the "convenient" drop box, it only took them four weeks and one day to complete a simple renewal!

Obviously, I am very underwhelmed by the new and improved system at the DMV, just like so many others.


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