Proposed strip club has Kingsbury Grade residents up in arms

MINDEN - A request to change a Kingsbury Grade nightclub's license to allow topless floor shows has some residents concerned.

Douglas County commissioners will discuss Thursday whether Tamara Laub will be allowed to obtain a cabaret-discotheque license to operate "Club Eden," an adult cabaret. Laub, who owns a similar club in Reno, said she is in the process of purchasing the building that now houses Faces, the only South Shore nightclub catering to the gay community. Laub said the deal has not closed escrow and is entirely contingent on obtaining the needed licensing.

"It wouldn't impact the community any differently than any other bar," Laub said. "We're not going to put up 'XXX signs' and 'girls, girls, girls.' It's entertainment just like the topless shows at the casinos."

Bob Daly, owner of the nearby Shoreline Ski and Snowboard, father and 20-year resident, disagrees with Laub and said Kingsbury Grade is not the appropriate location for a "strip club."

"I hope to wake up this community that this is a very poor location for this type of activity, with a church across the street, preschools on either side and Kahle Park right there," Daly said. "It oversteps the bounds of propriety."

Within two hours on Tuesday, Daly said, he obtained 54 signatures on a petition against the club and said he intends to continue obtaining signatures until Thursday's meeting.

In contrast, Daly said he had no problem or objections to Faces, located at 270 Kingsbury Grade.

"They were very quiet. I hardly knew they were there. That might be some of the reason they're selling," Daly said.

Laub said she doesn't want to anger any residents and is merely pursuing a business opportunity.

"For us there is a big market for the entertainer and escorts and we were just going to tap into that and make it more legitimate. There will be no drugs or prostitution. There will be three poles, the dancers won't dance bottomless, and when they're not performing they will have a dress on. No dancers will leave the club with patrons, and there will be no private rooms.

"And it won't just be women dancing all the time. We would probably have one night a week where there will be male dancers," Laub explained. "Those people who are upset over this should be out picketing in front of the casinos against topless dancers."

Commissioner Don Miner said Laub's request has raised some notice.

"There have been numerous calls to the county manager's office, one of which was in favor of the club, and somewhere in the number of 50 to 60 against it," Miner said. "We're going to have to closely look at the appropriateness of such a facility in a residential area.

"It is likely not the appropriate use for that area," Miner added. "Those type of activities and shows are usually found in the casino area, and I think that is a more appropriate place for it."

Other residents are upset about the prospect of losing a gay night spot.

"Faces was the only one," said patron Tim Jones. "And there is definitely a clientele and business for it here in Tahoe. It was just a really, really fun crowd."

Jones said the club also gained popularity with straight club-goers.

"We are definitely looking for another person to invest in a club up here," Jones added.

What: Douglas County commissioners meeting

Where: Douglas County Administration Building, 175 Highway 50 East, Stateline

When: Thursday, 1:30 p.m.


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