Repeat victory for Lester at Silver State

Dave Lester (34) ran a near likeness of last week's limited sportsman main event race at Silver State Raceway on Saturday night.

Rather than having Craig Paulsen (65) on his tail for the good part of the race, it was Chet Danburg (3x) on his tires. Happily for Lester, he had the same results as last week - he won the main event.

The 30-lap main started out as a five-car run for the lead with Rafael Gomez (2x) leading Lester, Dean Heller (27), Mike Millard (22) and Danburg for 12 laps.

Then as Lester went inside Gomez on turn 3, Gomez went high, got loose and slowed in front of Millard, leaving Millard nowhere to go but into Gomez. Millard did not let off the gas and pushed Gomez along the front stretch into the wall causing both to spin out and bringing out the only caution of the race.

At the restart, it was Lester in the lead with Danburg in tow looking for a way around. He never found it. Lester held on for the win with Danburg taking second and Scott Bohemier (8) third.

Rounding out the field were Heller, Al Goss (3), Millard, Chris Baker (11), Les Kipler (54), Gomez, Steve Planka (10), Frank San Felipo (29) and Steve Whipple (86). Bohemier won the trophy dash over Danburg, Heller and Millard. Kipler won the first sportsman heat with Gomez taking second and Baker third. Lester won the second heat over Danburg in second and Goss third.

For the maverick division, James Meerly (23) worked his way from the back of the field to take his first main event win of the season. Mike McMordie (77) finished second and Randy Bauer (25) in third.

"This win felt good, very good," Meerly said. "Considering all the problems we had throughout the day like the carburetor, suspension, you name it we had it. But it wasn't a win for me, it was a win for us, everyone on this team. It was a 'we' effort. And we'll come back and try to win again next week."

Rounding out the maverick main event were: Bill Gould (37), Mike Fuller (44), Thom Eldridge (68), Brad Sloan (13) and Bob Saxby (17x). McMordie picked up the trophy dash win over Eldridge, Meerly and Bauer.

Saxby won the first maverick heat over Gould, Fuller and Sloan. Bauer won the second heat over McMordie, Meerly and Eldridge.

With a low car count in the legends division, the drivers chose not to race Saturday. Qualifying is at 6 p.m. for all divisions Saturday evenings at Silver State Raceway with dashes beginning at 7 p.m. For information and upcoming race specials, call 885-2079.


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