Required recycling program in future for Lyon County

YERINGTON - Lyon County's growing population will mean the county will have to begin new recycling programs.

Lyon County Public Works Director Dan O'Brien said new census figures will easily put the county into a new category of state recycling requirements.

According to state law, when the population is between 25,000 and 100,000, a county is required to establish a program for the disposal of household products that are capable of causing harmful physical effects if inhaled, absorbed or ingested. Lyon County's population is currently estimated to be near 35,000.

With a population of under 25,000 at the last census in 1990, the county had the option of making provisions for a recycling program available.

"Actually, there are a number of locations around the county that have recycling capability," O'Brien said. "However, the new category will require regular reporting of information to the state regarding the tonnage of materials recycled and the effectiveness of the program."

O'Brien anticipates a one-half to three-quarter full-time employee would be needed to coordinate and operate the program.

The state can assist with a grant for the program initially, after which the county would be required to fully fund the operation.

Materials that may be dropped off for recycling at county transfer stations and private businesses include aluminum, antifreeze, appliances, car batteries, cardboard, plastic, radiators, scrap metal, steel and tin.


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