Residents want central Lyon County ball park needs addressed

DAYTON - There are simply not enough baseball fields to meet growing community needs, according to park board chairwoman Ruby McFarland.

Speaking at a recent Dayton Regional Advisory Council meeting, McFarland said there are 33 Little League teams vying for space on 2 1/2 fields.

"We have no adult softball fields. They (players) have to go to Carson City," she said. "It is overwhelming. We are a growing community and need to be able to accommodate our growing needs."

Any new fields would be designed to accommodate multiple activities, including soccer, football and adult recreational leagues.

Central Lyon County Park and Recreation Director Jannette Hoffert said a workshop in Yerington with county commissioners is planned to discuss park needs and options for development and maintenance.

Possibilities include new construction fees on developers to be used solely for parks, and establishment of a special park assessment district.

Residents said any meetings need to take place in Dayton, because it's a Dayton Valley issue and they shouldn't be required to travel to Yerington to discuss it.

McFarland said she would try to schedule an evening meeting in Dayton with the commissioners.


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