Sanchez-Martinez pleas guilty to domestic battery

A Carson City man arrested Jan. 23 after allegedly breaking into the home of an ex-girlfriend may spend as much as a year in jail as a result of a guilty plea Wednesday.

Enrique Sanchez-Martinez, 25, a baker, admitted lesser charges of conspiracy to commit home invasion and domestic battery in exchange for a 10-day sentence and six months of jail time suspended.

Sentencing for the home invasion charge, a gross misdemeanor, will likely be scheduled in the next two weeks in district court. That sentence carries a possible penalty of a year in jail.

Sanchez-Martinez was originally charged with felony home invasion, battery and domestic violence. Deputies believe after breaking in, Sanchez-Martinez punched the girl, pulled out her earring and punched a man who was sleeping next to her.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Anne Langer said the victims of the crime were satisfied with the provisions of the plea agreement.


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