School board appoints Douglas Ponn

The Carson City School Board on Tuesday appointed Douglas Ponn, a 20-year Carson City resident, to fill the vacant district 2 seat.

"I'm just glad they thought I could contribute," said Ponn, the vice president of governmental and regulatory affairs for Sierra Pacific Power Company and Nevada Power.

The seat was left vacant when former trustee Julie Butler resigned Feb. 17.

Ponn told board members that his 10 years of experience in education and administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas was one of the reasons that prompted him to apply.

He said he occasionally sees former students and always feels good when they tell him that he had an impact on their lives.

"It's an investment that pays back forever if you can do something that improves someone's education," he said.

He also has a daughter who is a sophomore at Carson High School.

"I'm interested in her education and the quality of it," Ponn said.

During his interview, he was asked what he thought were the three most important aspects of education.

"One, that every student get a quality education," he said. "Two, that they have a safe place to do it in and three, that the schools prepare the students for what's to follow."

He said one of the major challenges facing the school district is the rapid growth in the area. However, he said he thought the district could handle the challenge.

"When organizations are challenged is when they can really make some positive changes," he said.

He explained that he thought the board has an obligation to serve the community.

"I see the board as being in a partnership with the superintendent in providing a service to the parents, the students and their future employers."

Ponn's term is for this year only but he said he plans to run for election.

"I would plan to do it," he said. "To have any real effect, I would have to do that."

Trustee Bob Crowell nominated Ponn.

"I have known Doug for almost 20 years," Crowell said. "I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that you cannot find a more honest, hard-working, caring member to serve on the board."

Also at the board meeting in the Sierra Room of the Carson City Community Center on Tuesday:

-- Steve Pradere, math teacher at Carson High, gave a demonstration on smart board technology. A smart board is a giant computer screen that can be used in place of a chalk board with several advantages.

-- Principals from each elementary school gave a thumbnail overview on what programs, training and supplies they purchase with their budget funding.

-- The educators of the year were honored individually by administration and staff.


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