Seniors find out about Carson services

A steady flow of more than 1,400 senior residents visited the second annual Senior Celebration to find out what services are available to them in Carson City.

The Carson Nugget Convention Center hosted 68 vendors, who told seniors about services that are free or at reduced costs, ranging from transportation to health screenings, from vacation travel to insurance and financial planning workshops.

"I didn't know about the transportation available in Carson City," said Shirley Stagg, a Carson City resident.

"In a heartbeat you can be in a position that you can't drive. So it's good to know it's available. This whole event is great."

Stagg visited a booth manned by radiology technician Katy Rollins and bone density assistant Ann Fear for Carson Imaging Osteoporosis and Tahoe Carson Radiology Mammography.

They were offering free osteoporosis screenings, with the results to be mailed to patients and their physicians.

In a little more than an hour, Rollins had performed about 30 screenings.

Across the room, Scott Kulla with Mutual of Omaha Insurance had information on estate planning, critical illness insurance and long-term care insurance. He was also offering a free vacation.

"They're stopping to enter the contest," said Kulla. "But they're asking about some of the insurance, too, Medicare supplement and long-term.

"Long-term care is an important issue to many of the seniors. Many of them think they have nursing home coverage with Medicare - they don't. Medicare only covers some skilled nursing care and a very low percentage of them qualify for that."

Kulla also noted that his company now offers life insurance to the age of 120. Most policies pay out at the age of 100 if the person does not die before then. The money is given to the beneficiaries, becomes income and is taxed.

"People are living longer. This policy extends to the benefit of the beneficiary."

Other new coverage includes the critical illness insurance, which pays upon diagnosis of a covered illness. Kulla noted all rates are based on age and whether the applicant qualifies medically.

Senior Celebration 2000 was sponsored by Senior Services Network and co-sponsored by the Carson Nugget, Carson-Tahoe Hospital, Sierra Place Assisted Living, Eagle Valley Care Centre, Picture This and the Nevada Appeal.


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