Suspect sought in kidnapping

Sheriff's deputies are looking for a suspect in a Carson City kidnapping. The man is accused of holding a woman at gunpoint for five hours while repeatedly beating her.

The 36-year-old Carson City resident and her 29-year-old male roommate, whom sheriffs are not naming, reportedly became embroiled in a domestic dispute in the early afternoon Monday at their residence near the 900 block of Woodside Drive when the suspect grabbed the woman, punched her several times and pulled out an automatic pistol and pointed it at her.

The woman told police that the suspect then held her captive for five hours while he continued to beat her with his hands and fists and possibly a candlestick holder.

Demanding keys to the woman's 1988 Toyota Camry, he reportedly said that "if the cops are called, we are all going to die." After she pleaded for her life, the suspect allowed her to run from the residence.

A few minutes later, when the suspect drove up beside her on the street and demanded that she get inside, she ran into a friend's house and was immediately taken to the sheriff's department, where deputies took statements from her.

While they were investigating the woman's background, police found that three warrants for her arrest on charges of contempt of court and petit larceny had been issued by police in Reno.

Officials reported that injuries to the woman appear to be minor in nature with some abrasions and bruising.

The suspect in the case is being sought by the sheriff's office for charges including domestic battery, kidnapping, robbery and grand larceny.


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