Time to deal seriously with attacks on pets

It breaks my heart to read of the poisoning of Tartan in Carson City.

Even if this sick person is caught, it is still just a misdemeanor in Nevada (NRS 584.150 No. 2).

I believe a person can attack another person or family with the terrorizing act of killing their pet, either in the cowardly act of secret poison or in the case of the Incline woman in California whose pet was killed in an act of road rage.

Further, I believe the Carson City Sheriff's Department should be investigating this act as a crime against the family who lost their friend. I would have the bait checked for antifreeze as it is a common poison used on hot dogs in cases like this.

It is time to make such crimes against families and their pets a felony and treated as such as police departments and the district attorney's office. This will not bring Christine Johnson's dog back, but it might catch and punish the coward responsible.


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