Trucker accused of raping woman with swords, other objects on video

PENSACOLA, Fla. - A trucker is accused of raping an intoxicated and unconscious woman with swords, knives and other objects and recording the acts on video.

Herbert Rupprecht, 53, was arrested after the alleged victim found the videotapes at the man's home and photographs on the Internet, investigators said.

The 39-year-old woman told police that over the past two years, Rupprecht pressured her to drink alcohol until she passed out at his home.

She said she had been unaware of what happened while she was unconscious until she found the tapes, a suspicious computer disk and forms from an Internet company at his home.

She used passwords and account numbers on the forms to find lewd pictures of herself on the Internet, investigators said.

Police said Wednesday they seized a computer and 140 tapes from Rupprecht's home. The alleged victim was not the only woman on the tapes.

''It's a case with a lot of potential for additional victims depending on what we find on that computer,'' Sgt. Randy Stull said.

The woman notified police on May 8 while Rupprecht was on the road. Investigators used his employer's satellite-directed tracking system to find his truck near Nashville, Tenn., where the arrest was made last week.


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