Two agencies up for block grants

YERINGTON - Helping homeowners pay the cost of hooking up to the new Silver Springs sewer plant, and a renovation for the Fernley Senior Center are two projects recommended by Lyon County for community grants.

Six projects were submitted to county commissioners for Community Development Block Grants. The board had to trim the list to two.

Commissioners last week designated their first choice as the Silver Springs General Improvement District's request for $357,000 to subsidize costs of individual residential hookups to the new wastewater treatment system. Their second choice: Fernley Senior Center's request for $197,500 to renovate its kitchen and plumbing and expand the dining and recreation areas.

Each county or city is allowed to submit two applications and, according to County Administrative Assistant Maureen Willis, both may be chosen. How many are selected generally depends on how much federal Housing and Urban Development funding has been allotted. Lyon County has often had both of its submittals selected in the past

Speaking in support of the two projects, commissioner Phyllis Hunewill said "We have to see the Silver Springs project through to its completion, and the Fernley Senior Center actually needs a whole new building."

The wastewater treatment project has received two block grants in the past to assist with other phases of the undertaking.

Those failing to receive support included the Dayton Senior Center's request for help in expanding their facility; the Mason Valley Swimming Pool for help in remodeling and expansion; and requests from the Silver Springs Mutual Water Co. for help to either replace a troubled well or make repairs to it.


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