UICI Adminstrators report claim figures

The company paying medical benefit bills for state workers and retirees turned around more than 90 percent of claims in 10 days or less during October.

UICI Administrators reported to lawmakers and the state's Committee on Benefits that it handled just under 95 percent of all claims in 22 days during that month. Both of those figures are better than the goals set for the company by the state and better than they were in September.

Company officials say their goal is to eliminate claims more than 90 days old.

UICI made significant progress in handling dental claims, reducing the inventory of claims still in process from nearly 4,200 to 3,346 by October's end. But the ending inventory of medical claims rose from 11,000 to more than 13,000 despite the improvement in turnaround at both the 10 day and 22 day marks.

Overall the backlog of claims still in the system increased from 15,209 to 16,784 in part because the total number of claims received during the month increased by about 1,000 to 37,285 from September.

At the same time, UICI officials report that their accuracy in paying those claims has now reached almost 96 percent. Among of the historic problems with the former administrative company were errors in processing and paying claims.

UICI was hired by the state to process claims under the state medical and health benefits program after the old administrative firm collapsed.

Partly because of that collapse, the bills went unpaid for months at a time and a surplus of more than $25 million in the benefits plan account evaporated.

The problems resulted not only in hiring a new third party administrator, UICI, but in the restructuring of the committee which manages the benefits plan.


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