Unknown 'Angel' helped injured girl

One of the girls injured in a pedestrian and car accident is hoping the woman she says is her "angel" will come forward to be identified.

Shenna McConnelly, 15, and Sarah Thatcher, 15, both of Gardnerville, were struck by a car as they walked across Highway 395 from Kingslane Mobile Home Park, where Sarah's family lives. Sarah told her mother a woman helped her as they waited for an ambulance to come.

"(Sarah) asked me to help find her to thank her," her mother, Rita Iseminger said. "She wasn't in any condition to ask (what her name was) at the time. She called her "her angel" and said she just sat with her and held her hand."

Iseminger said the girls were walking from Sarah's home to Raley's grocery store at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday to return a rented movie. She said Sarah told her cars in three lanes had stopped as girls crossed in the crosswalk. As they reached the last lane before the curb, a car struck them, Iseminger said.

According to Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Tony Almaraz, Susan Giles, 36, of Gardnerville, just didn't see the girls. She was cited for failure to yield to pedestrians with the right-of-way.

Shenna McConnelly was released from Carson-Tahoe Hospital with a fractured shoulder bone.

Sarah Thatcher had surgery on her knee Thursday afternoon at Carson-Tahoe Hospital, and her mother said she was released Friday afternoon.

Anyone with information about the woman who helped Sarah can leave a message at The Record-Courier at 782-5121, extension 214.


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