Vet, doctor show they care for their patients

Who says veterinarians and doctors are only out for the money?

I have two special doctors who do not fit that description.

First, there is veterinarian Amy Mason. My dog was sick and a friend took him to see Amy. I sent $100 in and said if more, please send me a bill. The bill came to $246 and she sent the bill to me saying "Paid in full." it seems she heard my husband was going through chemo for cancer, so the bill was paid in full due to humanitarian reasons.

Second, Dr. Dan Rowe, my skin doctor, also a doctor who cares. My son has cancer and moved here with no job and no health insurance and couldn't get a doctor to see him. I asked Dr. Rowe if he would see him. He said sure, tell him to come in. My son saw him, got reassurance he was doing OK and Dr. Rowe said no charge for the visit.

Who said there are no good doctors out there? This is my way of saying "thank you" to two special people.


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