Warden's old boyfriend up for parole

A convict whose affair with his warden cost the warden her job is up for parole.

Eugene Pizzetta goes before the parole board next month to seek release from prison on his third and fourth convictions for driving under the influence.

It was a relationship with Pizzetta while he was in prison and she was the warden that cost Brenda Burns her job with the state prison system in 1995.

Prison officials refused to confirm the affair at the time, but the relationship apparently was affirmed when the two moved in together in 1995, married and then opened Bregene's Trattoria & Pastry Shop on Carson Street across from city hall.

But Pizzetta, who had served time on at least three occasions, got in trouble again when he committed his third and fourth DUIs.

The pastry business collapsed and the marriage fell apart. The couple was divorced in September 1997 and Pizzetta was sent to prison for up to 2 1/2 years on one DUI and up to five years on the other.

Prison officials say he has served the first of those sentences and will be eligible in May for release on the other. He will be seen by the parole board next month.

Pizzetta was serving time for sexual assault and Burns was warden of the prison when the two met. Before that sentence, he had also served time in Nevada for gambling cheating and grand larceny.


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