Watch out for crime during holiday season

Tis' the season of car break-ins and house burglaries, said Chief Sheriff's Deputy Bernie Curtis, warning of the impending increase that always accompanies the holidays.

Curtis said the Carson City Sheriff's Department always sees a jump in crime, mostly caused by petty theft and car break-ins.

"People need to be aware of how accessible they make their cars when they are full of gifts," he said. "Lock cars, keep gifts out of the view of people on the street and keep a shade extended if your vehicle has a cargo area."

Curtis said a lot of the crime that happens between Thanksgiving through

New Year's Day can be attributed to the influx of people that clog Carson City streets and stores.

He added that the population increase is due to people from Tahoe, Douglas and Lyon counties and Reno using Carson Street as a thoroughfare.

"It just means that people need to take a little extra time and extra care in choosing where they park," he said. "Be especially careful to look out for kids in parking lots."

Carson City residents are also vulnerable to home break-ins, Curtis said.

"We had a couple of incidents last year where people walked into unoccupied homes and took things," he said. "Homes need to be secured and locked."

Curtis said law enforcement presence during the period between Thanksgiving and the new year won't be any more prevalent until the New Year's Eve celebration.

He said Carson City will send a contingent of officers to Stateline to aid with crowd control.

"Forty- to 50,000 extra people come into Tahoe on a normal new year's eve," he said. "We are expecting to double that this year."


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