Wet weather taking a vacation

After one weekend storm after another, wet weather will be moving north.

The weather system that has been moving storm after storm over Lake Tahoe is changing and will be putting those storms more to the north.

Steve Goldstein, meteorologist for the National Weather Service's Reno office, said Tahoe residents can expect warmer temperatures, sunshine and only a slight chance of precipitation through Sunday.

"It looks like overall a pretty darn good-looking weekend for you up there," said Bill Mork, California's state climatologist.

November through March are usually the wettest months of the year, Mork said. And March can often be wet or dry.

"It's a total mixed bag," Mork said.

Because of the storms, however, the area's overall March precipitation likely will exceed the average.

"In March in the northern Sierra, the average is 6.9 inches of precipitation. We already have 3," Mork said. "So on the ninth, we're already at 44 percent of a normal March."


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