Who's not telling whole airport story?

Who is doing the "hijacking" in Douglas county? The Airport Ad Hoc committee to study weight versus noise was hand-picked by the airport manager.

Committee members while claiming otherwise had hidden agendas, like NIFTI director Linda Draper who will build corporate hangers if the weight ordinance is changed. As a veteran of the Johnson Lane wars, I'm suspicious. At the first ad hoc committee meeting, a citizen asked about the public's vision for the airport. No committee member seemed to know.

Virginia Henningsen, who in 1984 assisted a citizen's group to draft the current ordinance with the help of the FAA, addressed the committee with the vision then. The voters agreed with that vision -- a general aviation airport without scheduled air carriers, air taxis and commerical carriers like casino junkets. Is the public calling for change in this vision? Dan Holler says the airport needs to be self-supporting. Can it not be self-supporting under the current ordinance?


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