Will bicyclists want restrooms too?

When I picked up the paper the other day and saw the story about the bike path and the people that want the freeway to be delayed so they can propose the bike path, I almost screamed.

In the first place, pretty much every freeway I've ever been on has a sign that says something like "pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles prohibited."

In the second place, who in their right mind would want to walk or ride a bike on a freeway with cars and trucks blasting by a 60-70 miles an hour. The freeway is to move vehicle traffic around the city in a more efficient manner. It won't help the pedestrian or bicyclist get there any faster. Actually, it would most likely make their trip longer. But what the heck, these fools only true goal is to waste taxpayers money anyway.

I'd be willing to bet you'd never see them walking down a freeway unless they ran out of gas. Along with the bike path, are we also supposed to put in landscaped rest stops for them too? We'd better think about restrooms and maybe a kiosk so they can buy some juice. Don't forget, they'll need a canopy over the bike path so they don't get heat stroke and sue the city.


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