Your two cents: tobacco funds

I feel that the tobacco funds should be used for preventive treatment. They should make medication available to get people to stop smoking and offset some of the costs of problems people have from smoking.

Lee, Carson City

The tobacco funds should go back to the private businesses from which they were stolen. If we're not going to send it back, all of it, not just 60 percent, should go toward prevention because those who need treatment for tobacco use should be responsible for that themselves.

Larry, Carson City

I believe that most funds should be used for prevention, especially prevention of pregnant mothers, and some for treatment. I believe that any other use such as for senior services or college funds would be a misuse of funds.

William, Gardnerville

I've smoked for 25 years and I've worked for 45 years breathing secondhand smoke in casinos. I'm 68 years old, and I think that using the money for anything but tobacco related things is stealing. I think that Guinn is stealing the money to further his own political gain.

Dan, Dayton


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