Transportation commission gets new member

Carson City supervisors Thursday reappointed Bob Kennedy to the Regional Transportation Commission and appointed Shelly Aldean to the position vacated by Marv Teixeira.

Kennedy was first appointed to the two-year term in 1999 when the commission was expanded to five members.

"I'm very pleased to have been so recognized and honored," Kennedy said. "This is an opportunity for continuance. It's like walking into a movie that's been going on for a long time and you have to pick up on pieces to see where you are. That's what it's like walking onto one of these boards."

Kennedy said focusing on relieving traffic congestion, using such opportunities as the proposed expansion of Roop Street, would be the challenge of the commission over the next couple years.

Supervisors Robin Williamson and Pete Livermore said there needed to be a woman on the committee before they voted for Aldean.

"Women bring a different perspective to any board or committee they serve on," Aldean said. "I may be able to bring a different perspective."

President of the Glenbrook Company, a property development and management firm, Aldean said she applied for the commission six years ago. She's served on the redevelopment committee, the chamber of commerce transportation committee and is Supervisor Jon Plank's representative on the city's charter review committee. Applying for the transportation board was a "logical extension of what I've been doing in the public service arena."

Aldean also listed Roop Street as one of the important projects the commission will need to focus on as the city struggles with its chronic traffic congestion.

Kennedy and Aldean were selected from among nine applicants. They join Steve Reynolds and Supervisors Jon Plank and Richard Staub on the commission.


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