Carson streets patrolled by more deputies on New Year's Eve

The Carson City Sheriff's Department will have extra officers on the streets New Year's Eve through New Year's Day, thanks to a grant from the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

"People need to know we have zero tolerance for drinking and driving and New Year's Eve is no exception," said Chief Deputy Scott Burau, of the Carson City Sheriff's Department. "There are so many other options -- have a designated driver, call a cab, call a friend, but do not get behind the wheel of a car. It's a lose-lose situation."

The funding is part of the national program "You Drink, You Drive, You Lose" initiative.

The extra police force will be focused specifically on traffic control. Officers are trained to look for violations that cause accidents.

"I wouldn't play the odds this evening," Burau said. "If you're out on the street tonight and driving drunk chances are we are going to pick you up and ruin everyone's evening.

"Start your New Years off on the right foot. It will be good for all of us."


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