Living With Fire - Tip of the Week

When residents are notified to prepare for evacuation because a wildfire is approaching their neighborhood, there are several things they can do to help protect family and belongings.

Outside the house:

-- Close all exterior doors, windows and vents, and turn on all exterior lights.

-- Shut off propane at the tank or natural gas at the meter.

-- Place combustible patio furniture in the house or garage.

-- Prop a ladder against the house to provide firefighters with easy access to the roof.

-- Continually check the roof and attic for embers, smoke and fire.

-- Connect all garden hoses to their faucets and attach spray nozzles.

-- Fill trash cans and buckets with water and place where firefighters can find them.

-- Keep wood shake or shingle roofs moist by spraying with water, but do not waste water by watering before burning embers are landing near your home.

-- If possible, cover windows, attic openings, and vents with plywood that is at least 1/2-inch thick.

-- If you have an emergency generator or portable, gasoline-powered pump that can supply water from a swimming pool, pond, or tank, clearly mark its location and make sure it is ready for use.

There are also several things you should do after a wildfire passes. Watch for next week's Living With Fire tip for recommendations.

Or, for information, contact your local Fire Marshal; call Ed Smith, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, (775) 782-9960; log onto; or pick up a free "Living With Fire Homeowner's Guide" at Cooperative Extension or your local fire prevention agency. Living With Fire is an interagency effort aimed at reducing the wildfire threat to Nevadans and is funded in part by the National Fire Plan.


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