Measures taken to secure tests

Mistakes made last year are prompting some changes to standardized testing procedures within the Carson City School District this year.

A misinformed sophomore took the proficiency exam too soon and a teacher destroyed tests that should have been returned to the State Board of Education.

"We haven't had any breaches where somebody was trying to get away with something," explained Mike Watty, associate superintendent in charge of education. "It's just been some mess-ups. That's what we're trying to eliminate."

In accordance with legislation passed in 2000, each Nevada school district must prepare a document outlining procedures to secure tests and oversee administration.

Watty will present Carson City's 20-page manual to the school board Tuesday evening.

Teachers will also be updated on proper administration and handling guidelines.

Students are required to show photo identification before taking the proficiency exam and now teachers will compare names to an eligibility list.

"When a student's future is riding on the test, it behooves us to make sure we are following the letter of the law in administering it," Watty said.

"It's very serious," Watty said. "A teacher or administrator can lose their license. The state takes it very seriously and so do we."

Statewide standardized tests are sent to the district office at the time of the test. All tests are labeled and inventoried.

District officials send the tests to the schools and teachers are required to return specific tests issued to them.

Standardized tests from the district remain at the district office.

If you go:

What: Carson City School Board meeting

When: 7 tonight

Where: Carson City Community Center, Sierra Room


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