Woman crashes truck near Carson River

No one was hurt in a single-vehicle accident Wednesday evening when a woman crashed her truck near the Carson River in Brunswick Canyon.

The woman, identified as Peggy Miller of Carson City, was uninjured, but the truck's frame was bent.

Carson City Sheriff's deputies said Miller had apparently been drinking around the time she crashed her 1992 Ford F-150, but officers at the scene could not determine whether this was before or after the accident. Miller, who was found barefoot at the scene, claimed she lost control of her steering when another vehicle passed her.

"A car pulled in front of me," Miller said. "They were doing a 4-wheeling-type thing."

She also pointed to potholes and rocks in the road which she claimed made her lose control of the truck.

Officers were not sure of the time of the accident, saying a bystander had stumbled on the scene.


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