7-year-old boy walks in snow to save family after Thanksgiving Day accident

GREELEY, Colo. -- Authorities say a 7-year-old boy may have saved his mother's life after the family's pickup truck crashed as they drove home from Thanksgiving dinner.

Titus Adams and his sisters, Tiffany, 4, and Tier, 1, were in their pajamas when the truck veered off the road and rolled five times. Their mother was thrown from the vehicle and was unconscious.

When the truck came to a rest, Titus checked on his sisters, who were still buckled into their child safety seats and had escaped serious injury. Then he went for help.

"He was in his pajamas with no shoes," said his father, Glenn Adams, who wasn't with them at the time. "He walked through a muddy field, squeezed under an electric fence and then had to break the gate on another fence to get through."

Titus walked about a half mile in the 23-degree weather to the Galeton Dairy.

"He kept walking and finally he saw three guys and he just hollered out, 'Hey, there's been an accident!"' Adams said. The dairy workers called for emergency help.

Titus' mother, Tammy Hill, suffered a broken back, broken neck and 10 broken ribs and was in critical condition Saturday at North Colorado Medical Center. Paramedics said she might not have lived had Titus had waited for a passer-by rather than going for help.

"All of the police and paramedics said he's a hero," Glenn Adams said. "He saved his mom's life."


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