George Bariames' competency hearing Monday

STATELINE -- George Bariames, a 36-year-old Stateline man charged with child abuse and neglect of his infant son and possibly the death of his wife, is scheduled for a competency hearing Monday.

Douglas County sheriff's deputies found Debbie Bariames' body Sept. 21 during a check of the Bariameses' Market Street apartment near Kingsbury Grade.

When deputies arrived at the apartment about 9 p.m., George Bariames invited them inside. Deputies found the woman's body and their malnourished son, Nicholas.

The 10-month-old boy was taken to the University of California, Davis Medical Center Facility, treated and later released.

The boy's father's bail, initially set at $25,000, increased to $500,000 Sept. 24.

The man, a former casino worker, has been at Lake's Crossing in Sparks, a mental-health facility, for an evaluation since his Oct. 14 hearing in the 9th Judicial District Court.

At that hearing, Derrick Lopez, George Bariames' attorney, said he believed his client might be mentally incompetent to stand trial. Judge Michael Gibbons ordered Bariames to the facility.

If Bariames is found competent in Gibbons' court Monday, the matter will continue in justice court under the direction of Judge Jim EnEarl.


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