Ambulance damaged in collision

A Mason Valley ambulance carrying a woman to Carson-Tahoe Hospital was struck by a car Thursday in the intersection of Saliman Road and Highway 50 East.

No one was injured in the accident, but the black Peugot, driven by a teenager, was heavily damaged after it struck the ambulance.

"Everyone else was stopped and she came flying up in the fast lane," said witness Bonnie Maxwell of Carson City, who was stopped in a southbound lane on Saliman Road. "She didn't even slow down."

Maxwell said all four directions of traffic had stopped for the ambulance, which was westbound with lights and sirens activated.

"She didn't even pay attention to why everyone else was stopped," Maxwell said.

The ambulance was dented on the passenger-side running board.

The woman in the dented Mason Valley ambulance was transferred to a Carson City Fire Department vehicle and taken the remainder of the way to the hospital.

The teen was cited for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, police said.


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