Bo lights up holiday crowd

I got to shake the paw of Beauregard, the soon-to-be Carson City driving dog.

"Bo," as owner Bill Williamson calls him, was behind the wheel of Bill's 1926 Model T on Thursday night for the Silver and Snowflakes tree lighting in front of the Capitol.

People filled the grounds as singers entertained, but one of the big draws was the golden puppy scampering from side to side of the car's front seat.

Keeping Bo from jumping out and trying some crowd surfing was Bill's 3-year-old great-great-granddaughter, Autumn Martin, the daughter of Anthony and Teresa Martin.

"We've got five generations on both sides," Bill said as a throng of youngsters reached out to pet Bo.

The golden retriever puppy was a natural, basking in the attention and warmth as Christmas carols rose up from the Capitol grounds and the tree lights came on.

Bill said he couldn't get Autumn to ride in the car as he pulled up onto the Capitol grounds.

"But as soon as I stopped she was in there with the puppy," he said.

Laurie Livermore has sent the big old wagon that graced her south Carson City front yard for years off to be repaired.

The wagon came from the old Silver Saddle Ranch, where Laurie spent her formative years. It should be refurbished and back in the Livermores' front yard by spring.

Laurie's parents are Evelyn Rabe of the Carson Valley ranching family and Jack Bird, a Carson City buckaroo.

Laurie moved away from the ranch when she was 14 and married Pete Livermore four years later.

B'sghetti's was packed on Monday for the Capitol City Humane Society dinner.

Isabel Young, Betty Horrocks and Tom Blomquist organized the event with the help of restaurant owner Scott Doerr.

Easily 100 people lined up for spaghetti, sauce and salad in support of the animals.

Young Lea Cartwright aided Blomquist in drawing prizes for the raffle, which included a big stuffed gorilla, books and other donated items.

B'sghetti owner Scott Doerr will be opening a Minden branch of his popular Carson City restaurant. He has taken over the old Heidi's restaurant, which closed some time ago, and hopes to be open in the next few months.

I didn't need confirmation the chimes in the Paul Laxalt building were working again, just when they got fixed.

Bill Kelley tells me the chimes started back up again on Thanksgiving Day and then began regular play the following Monday.

It wouldn't be Christmas without reindeer, thanks to Ken and Leeanne Kirby, who brought their animals up from Hawthorne.

The Kirbys have been working with the animals for about a half-dozen years and have been taking them on tour for the last four or so.

They spent Thursday and Friday on Telegraph Square in Carson City, and were in Sparks and Fallon on Saturday.

Along with (parents, don't let the kids read this) Larry Sims as Santa and Kauri Duvall, the group raises enough money by selling photos to feed the reindeer for the year.

It also gives Larry a chance to see girlfriend Sheri Kern, who lives in Carson Valley. Sheri is an Allerman and sister to Laurie Hickey.

Ken Kirby serves as animal control officer in Hawthorne. Leeanne is a third-grade teacher and Larry, who was born and raised in Hawthorne, is a retired school bus driver.

Kurt Hildebrand is former managing editor at the Nevada Appeal. Reach him at 887-2430, ext. 402 or e-mail him at


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