FEMA adds $728,000 to Nevada emergency funding

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has awarded $728,000 to Nevada to help emergency responders and their managers prepare for terrorism and other emergencies.

The grant follows a $250,000 award announced last week to help create a Citizens Corps in Nevada and train individuals in emergency response skills.

The grant is described as a down payment on modernizing and strengthening preparedness statewide.

"This is critical to supporting first responders and preparing Nevada for all kinds of disasters," said Joe Allbaugh, director of FEMA.

The money will chiefly be used to prepare for hazards caused by weapons of mass destruction, but will also help update state and local plans for all types of emergencies.

The grant was awarded as part of President Bush's First Responder Initiative.

In addition, FEMA will provide Nevada with $50,000 to help assess the operations of the state emergency operations center.


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