Missing couple baffles authorities

LAS VEGAS -- A special agent from the National Park Service said she is baffled by the November disappearance of a San Francisco couple who abandoned their belongings at a Lake Mead campground.

"We don't suspect foul play, but at the same time, they just disappeared without a trace," agent Beth Meyers said Friday.

Meyers said the married couple, Jau Inn Huang and Yu Hua Chu, both 48, are well-educated and like to travel.

The agent said the couple, both natives of Taiwan, moved to the United States in 1978 and became naturalized U.S. citizens. They live with relatives in San Francisco when they are not traveling.

Meyers said the couple had dinner on Nov. 16 in Las Vegas with Huang's brother, who was visiting from Taiwan, and mentioned to him that they had bought an inflatable raft.

Investigators found two personal flotation devices at the couple's Boulder Beach campsite but no raft.

The couple checked into the Boulder Beach campground Nov. 17, and investigators suspect Huang and Chu disappeared the next day.


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