Silver Oak donates land to Boys & Girls Club

Silver Oak Development Co. has conveyed three acres of prime Silver Oak land to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada.

The land will be rezoned to be compatible with surrounding Silver Oak projects and sold, with the proceeds benefiting the building of a new Boys & Girls Club on Lompa Lane.

Garth Richards, president of Silver Oak Development, said he is "happy that after such a long time, we've been able, with the cooperation of the city, to finally convey three acres of land to the club."

Richards said the project to convey the land has been in the works for about three to five years.

"Silver Oak Development was extremely generous to make this offer of donated land to the club," said Cathy Blankenship, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club. "It will definitely help us get a building constructed quicker in Carson City. The proceeds from the sale of the three acres in Silver Oak have always been earmarked for the site development and facility planning for the Lompa site.

"Certainly without it, we would be moving much slower in reaching our goal to build a new facility, since our current campaign is for construction costs only," she said.

The city has recently approved a zoning change that allows the Boys & Girls Club to relocate on 17 acres of residential land at Northridge Drive and Lompa Lane.

This isn't the first time Richards, a Carson City builder and developer since 1961, has assisted the Boys & Girls Club.

"Garth and Joanie Richards have been personally supporting the club for years," Blankenship said. "Raffle tickets were sold for one of Garth's classic cars to help raise money to help open the club. Silver Oak purchases a table to attend our biggest fundraiser each year, the Kids Auction and World's Greatest BBQ. Garth has provided some other creative fundraising as well. For two years he opened his cherished personal collection of classic cars to the public. All of the admission fees went to help operate the Club. It is continued thoughtful support, like the Richards family, that has allowed our Boys & Girls Club to grow in Carson City."

Presently, the Boys & Girls Club is located in the former state Children's Home cottages on Stewart and Fifth streets. The organization involves 2,900 members and nonmembers in a variety of activities both for the children and for the community. Children can attend various programs at the center, and become involved in numerous club activities.


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