Photo club sells images to raise funds

Members of the Carson High School Photography Club are exhibiting some of their work through Christmas at B'Sghetti's Restaurant, 318 N. Carson St.

The photographs are for sale for $45 each with the proceeds going to the photography club to provide for spring competitions and or new equipment.

My name is Adrienne Lipka; I'm a junior at Carson High School and I am involved in the photography club. I enjoy taking pictures because it enables me to escape from my everyday life and capture the beauty of my surroundings at one specific second.

I took this picture while I was on a hike along the Carson River. I glanced over my shoulder and came to a dead stop; the amazing view was something I wanted to remember for the rest of my life.

-- Adrienne Lipka

Photography is a way for me to show everyone how I view life; it's through my own eyes. All of my photographs reflect my personal style. I believe that by seeing life in a perspective, other than their own, people will open their minds.

-Becky Murway

My name is Halley Picton and I'm a junior at Carson High School. I am a second-year photography student of Susan Taylor's. I enjoy taking photographs that involve nature and signs of silence. While shooting this photograph I was able to reflect upon my thoughts in a natural environment.

Photography gives any student the chance to express their feelings and develop a personal style.

-- Halley Picton

I took these photographs while visiting a vineyard with a friend's family. I wanted to capture the beauty I saw at the time so I could share it with others. This is the reason I enjoy photography; I take pictures because I am able to preserve a moment in time to remember and to share. I am really happy B'Sghetti's is allowing us to display our photographs. Now the community is able to see the talent of the youth.

-- Maura O'Neill

I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given as a student at Carson High School and by far I treasure what I've been taught in my years of photography under the direction of Susan Taylor the most. The ability to take photographs is irreplaceable to me. I never could really draw, so being able to paint a picture through objects on film is incredible. When I took these photographs I was attempting to set in film the perfection this staircase possesses and to present a princess daydreaming about her future prince. I know that when I take a photograph it has phenomenal sentimental value to me because it's solely something I have made.

-- Kelly Bridegum


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