Letter to Editor: Resolutions

Just like a lot of people, I've always saved aluminum, and for the most part, put my newspaper in the proper recycling bins. But that was as far as it went. I did the same thing that millions of others do every day; plastic, tin cans, glass all went in the garbage. This has got to stop. Not only will we run out of landfill space, we will run out of precious resources. Our earth only has so much to give. If anyone thinks that its not that serious, I would say to that person, go out to the city dump some day. It's frightening.

I recently was talking to the manager in the mobile home park where I live about getting recycling services in the park. He told me that the recycling truck had been in the park a few years ago, but that it didn't work out. Lack of cooperation from the tenants in the effort, mixing garbage with their recyclables and so forth. I with it had worked out and that we still had it in here now. It would be great.

Not to be discouraged though, I recently talked to a man with Capital Sanitation. He said that I can take all my plastic, tin, glass and so forth to their yard off Highway 50, not the dump, but the garbage truck yard. He said there are bins for aluminum, plastic and tin, which all can go together and another area for the glass items.

So I went and found a couple of good-sized boxes and have them on my porch. And they are already half full. It's a good feeling not to be throwing it all away any more.


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