Supes approve new dispatch equipment

Carson City will continue to add components to its new dispatch system, but city supervisors worried Thursday about continued rising costs of the system.

City leaders spent about $900,000 last year on a new computer-aided dispatch system, one which took the city from a 1980s-era computer system being operated from a converted garage to a state-of-the-art system in a new, $600,000 dispatch center.

Supervisors agreed Thursday to spend about $718,000 more --$840,000 with contingency funds -- on records and jail management systems. While the Tiburon CAD system stands alone, the two new systems will allow a more efficient flow of information between local law enforcement entities.

The costs of the system includes pulling $320,000 that had been set aside for architecture and engineering costs for a new sheriff's administration building. Mayor Ray Masayko noted it was a deliberate decision on the part of the department to postpone progress on the new building.

Masayko said he foresees more costs on the horizon for the Tiburon computer system as new components come along to make the system compatible with other city systems.

"I continue to be concerned over if there's another module in the future," he said. "We need to know there are additions."

"I know this is going to be expensive," Supervisor Robin Williams added. "I'm concerned, but I will defer to those who are operating the systems and their expertise."

Supervisor Richard Staub agreed the city needs the new systems, but asked how much more would be needed before the city had a complete system.

Carson City Chief Deputy Jerry Mather said the city needs a new civil system, which produces paperwork from eviction notes to garnishments and temporary protective orders. It is a stand-alone system now, and Mather said another stand-alone system could be purchased in the future. But it may as well have the ability to interface with the city's new equipment, he said. The sheriff's department is also looking into individual mobile display units for police officers that should also increase the efficiency of dealing with department paperwork.

Mather said the Tiburon system will allow Carson City to participate in an upcoming, five-county attempt at electronically exchanging criminal justice information


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