Torchbearer channels love of life into service

Donna Artz has a zest for life she's channeled into service to others.

At least that's why her friend, Melisa Maxey, of Truckee, nominated her to carry the Olympic torch through Carson City on Monday.

"A lot of us live our lives and do nothing special," Maxey said. "When you find someone who puts more of their time to someone other than themselves, that seems to be someone who deserves to be looked up to. There's nothing Donna won't do."

Artz, 45, of Washoe Valley, volunteers for Advocates to End Domestic Violence where, among other things, she teaches self-defense. She studied tae kwon do for years and also teaches public and private self-defense classes. She is also involved in the Nevada World Trade Council, a group promoting diversification of economic development in Nevada.

"I enjoy helping people, particularly women who have been involved in a domestic violence situation," Artz said. "Advocates helps them to lead a more quality life and leave some of the old, negative things behind. That's a worthy cause."

A marketing and sales consultant for Corporate Visions, located in Incline Village, she moved to Nevada in 1979 to attend the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A native of Black Creek, Wis., Artz put herself through school as a craps dealer. After school, she worked for the state Gaming Control Board for 10 years before her move to Corporate Visions. But that's her day job. She has three horses and rides frequently. She loves to do anything outside from snowshoeing to water skiing.

Artz said she is "ecstatic" to be representing Carson City in the Olympic torch run.

"It's an honor, and in light of the Sept. 11 occurrence, I think the Olympics are very important," Artz said. "We're Americans. We're free. We won't be intimidated. The Olympics go on. "


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