Carson City man caught in alleged attack

MONTE RIO, Calif. -- A heavily armed Nevada man in a skull mask, camouflage fatigues and body armor crept into the Bohemian Grove and allegedly set a small fire before a 15-minute standoff ended with his surrender, authorities said.

Richard McCaslin, 37, of Carson City, allegedly had an assault rifle, a semiautomatic pistol, two crossbows, a sword, a night stick and fireworks launcher when he slipped into the Bohemian Grove on Sunday like a commando, investigators said.

The 2,000-acre Bohemian Grove each summer hosts a private retreat that has attracted former presidents and cabinet officers, along with captains of industry and other prominent national figures.

Investigators said McCaslin decided on the attack after hearing the resort criticized on a radio talk show.

"He was there apparently on a personal mission to confront individuals at the grove," said Sonoma County Sheriff's Lt. Rich Sweeting.

McCaslin wore body armor and blue camouflage fatigues and carried illegal armor-piercing bullets. A patch on his blue uniform referred to "The Phantom Patriot."

Officers said they intercepted McCaslin as he walked from the grove to his car. He ducked behind a tree when they ordered him to drop his weapons.

Sweeting said McCaslin then moved into view and addressed the officers with his rifle-shotgun lowered.

"The deputies are really lucky because he was waiting for them to take action," Sweeting said. "It appears he was waiting for the deputies to engage him."

After 15 minutes of negotiations, McCaslin surrendered. He was booked for investigation of exhibiting a firearm in the presence of an officer, arson, burglary and possession of an assault rife, an explosive device and armor-piercing rounds.

Bail was set at $500,000.


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