Wind brings new storm

High winds buffeted Western Nevada on Monday, making for a brisk Olympic torch run, knocking over signs and bringing in a new winter storm.

Valley residents may awaken to up to an inch of snow this morning as a result of the storm.

National Weather Service specialist Rudy Cruz said the storm will be moving out of the area in the morning.

"We will have scattered snow showers, colder temperatures and some brisk north winds," he said. "Most people will see maybe an inch of snow in the morning."

Cruz said morning commuters could face icy conditions as a result of the snowfall and below-freezing temperatures.

The high temperature today should remain in the 30s.

Cruz said a peak wind speed of 52 mph was recorded 1:30 p.m. at the Reno Airport on Monday.

High winds at the weather service office, located behind Truckee Meadows Community College, reached 63 mph.

The winds played havoc with electricity, causing at least three separate outages in the capital region during the course of the day.

The largest outage affected 2,200 customers' homes and businesses in southwest Carson City for the better part of an hour in the morning. Power was returned to all but three homes while workers fixed the problem, said Gary Aldax, Sierra Pacific Power spokesman.

Six to seven customers temporarily lost power in the morning hours in Mound House, while up to 30 customers lost power temporarily in Pinion Hills.

"So far they all have been pretty small," Aldax said. "It's all wind related, and just a matter of repairing the line to restore power.

Cruz said another storm is not expected until the weekend.


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