Lyon County may take over Dayton rodeo grounds

DAYTON -- Differences over operations may lead county officials to change the management policy for the Dayton rodeo grounds.

Lyon County leases the 80 acres of land from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

In March 1999, the county entered into an agreement leasing the property to the nonprofit Dayton Valley Youth Center.

The property may be used only for activities sponsored or approved by the Youth Center Executive Board. It pays all insurance, maintains the buildings and property grounds and pays costs related to maintenance and operations.

However, disagreements between the Youth Center Executive Board and a group formed to run rodeo events at the facility, the Tri-county Rodeo Events Association, led to problems.

Meetings between representatives of the two groups, County Manager Stephen Snyder, Assistant District Attorney Steve Rye and commissioner Bob Milz, caused some to suggest the county should assume operations at the facility and appoint a local board to oversee operations.

A letter to the commissioners from Rodeo Events President Finnley Sutton supports the county taking over. The Youth Center Executive Board, however, would like the county to have its board to manage the facility in accordance with the existing agreement.

Joe Bruno, president of the Youth Center Executive Board, in a May 8 letter to Snyder, stated, "At the (April 26) meeting you indicated that Lyon County would take over the facility and appoint a new board to oversee the arena. That is certainly not the request of the executive board because there is an excellent board currently in place that has and continues to act in the Lyon County's best interests."

According to the agreement, the lease may be terminated only by giving a 120-day written notice.


WHAT: Lyon County Commissioners

WHERE: Administrative Complex, 27 S. Main Street, Yerington

WHEN: 9 a.m. Thursday

FOR INFORMATION: Call 577-5037 (Dayton/Silver Springs) or 463-6031.


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