City looking for willing tree planters

A large, shady tree near your sidewalk isn't always good for the concrete around it. Frequently, trees are planted in areas to which they aren't suited. Carson City's Shade Tree Council offers a program by which any tree in the city's right of way can be removed, and the city will plant a new tree -- one better suited for the area. The city also has its arborist do periodic checks for two years to make sure the tree is healthy.

All residents have to do is buy the tree.

The trees are planted in the spring and fall, and about five people have signed up for tree plantings this spring, said Parks Superintendent Scott Fahrenbruch.

A silver maple on Cordero Drive was replaced Wednesday with a cardinal royal mountain ash, marking a kickoff to spring planting.

Jean Bondietti, Shade Tree Committee chairwoman, said the program could be especially helpful for property owners facing the eventual loss of the large, aging cottonwood trees so prominent in the capital.

Fahrenbruch hopes to find more people interested in planting trees in the fall season. He encouraged anyone to apply, even if a property owner is unsure whether their location qualifies for the program. He said parks officials will check potential planting sites at no charge.

Applications for the fall planting will be accepted until Sept. 1.

The program is funded with $10,000 of Quality of Life money set aside for street beautification.


For information on the city's Street Tree Program, call Scott Fahrenbruch at 887-2363 ext. 1003 .


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