Douglas County candidates file last-round contributions

The two Douglas County Commission incumbents nearly doubled campaign contributions since last filing and are far and away outspending their challengers.

The candidates for all offices were required to file their last campaign contributions form before election day by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Douglas County Commissioner Don Miner, running for his third term for the four-year seat, claimed $18,177, including more than $10,000 in monetary contributions. He said he normally spends between $30,000 and $40,000 to run his campaign.

"I am very pleased with the broad-based campaign contributions," he said. "There have been allegations that my support comes from developers, but there are retired people, business people, attorneys, doctors."

Miner's latest contributions came from Wayne Prim of Zephyr Cove, $3,000; and Miner received a $2,000 donation from Park Cattle Co., $1,000 donations from Falcon Capital, LLC of Lake Tahoe and Mountain Meadows Ranch of Cody, Wyo., which has interests in Genoa Lakes properties, according to Miner.

Miner also claimed $500 contributions from Lonnie Mason and Stateline company Gardner Enterprises.

Miner, first elected to the Douglas County Commission in 1994, reported contributions in excess of $22,000 on Aug. 29 -- bringing his total up to nearly $40,000. His biggest contributors earlier in the race included Mario and Diane Antoci, owners of Genoa Lakes subdivision and Tom and Ginger Bruce, developers of the proposed Gardnerville casino, who each gave $2,000.

Marsha Tomerlin, Randy and Carol Lane, Bob McCay, and Robert and Susan Anderson each contributed $1,000 to Miner's campaign.

Other key contributors to Miner include developers,Sierra Nevada LLC, GTEB, LLC, Nevada Northwest, LLC, and Rivertree Ranch, which each donated $750.

Incumbent Commissioner Jacques Etchegoyhen claimed nearly $10,000 in contributions. Etchegoyhen also received $2,000 from Park Cattle, $1,000 from Falcon Capital, and Allegretti & Co., whose owner invented Craftsmen tools, Etchegoyhen said. He also received smaller contributions of $500 from Minden resident Robert Anderson, and The Holder Group, Sharkey's LLC, $300 from Marsha Tomerlin and $200 from Laborer's International, Minden resident Marie Lekumberry and Markleeville, Calif., resident Greg Lynn.

Etchegoyhen of District 2, claimed $5,400 on Aug. 29, bringing his contributions total to more than $15,000.

His opponent for commissioner, Michael Hayes, claimed $2,382 on Aug. 29, and $2,432 Tuesday, bringing his total to more than $5,000. Hayes' contributions came from his own pocket.

Miner's challenger, Tim Smith, of Genoa, claimed $3,017 in contributions in the latest filing, including $250 from The Holder Group.

"It was unsolicited and out of the clear blue sky," Smith said.

He also claimed $200 contributions from Bill and Lynne Bowersolk of Genoa and Dr. Randy Watson of Zephyr Cove.

In August, Smith claimed nearly $4,000 in contributions, including $500 from the Lakeside Inn and John and Martha Barneson, and $450 contributions from David Williams, and WR Technology Park, LLC.

Doug Sonnemann, Republican candidate for the Douglas County Assessor position, claimed $8,082 on Aug. 29, and $2,775 earlier this week. His contributors include $500 from the Sierra Nevada Republican Women and $250 from the Douglas County Republican Central Committee.

Sonnemann's opponent, Democrat John Eckland, funded his own campaign with $5,500 and claimed no contributions. Of that, he claimed nearly $2,000 in car expenses covering 5,800 miles to campaign. Eckland last claimed $6,093, which he contributed himself.

Ron Pierini, sheriff, claimed $349 in contributions.

The only Political Action Committee, the Sustainable Growth Initiative Committee, claimed more than $13,000 in contributions, compared to $7,039 claimed Aug. 29 -- for a total more than $20,000.

For information online, visit:, or the Douglas County Election Center at: or for the Office of the Secretary of State Web site.


Sustainable Growth Committee contributors

A complete list of its contributors are listed below.

$1,000 -- Sue Vetrand and Champ Capeli, both of Laguna Beach, Calif.;

$600 -- Margaret Wilkinson, Genoa;

$525 -- Camilla Jovicich, Gardnerville, Oakmead Foundation of Gardnerville,

$300 -- Frank and Ann Funk, Genoa, Willian Shaw, Minden, Vincent Dascon of Carson City;

$250 -- George Ozenich, Gardnerville, Carol Coats, JoAnn Zimmerman and William Heise and Randal and Lorilyn Chitwood, all of Minden;

$200 -- Anthony and Edith DiDio, Gardnerville, Jim and Marilyn Vassey, Minden;

$150 -- William and Claudine Broquist, Stephanie Hague, Gary and Lee Pyle, Catherine and Allan Lund, William and Judy Sturgis, Gardnerville;

$100 -- Barbara Slade of Gardnerville.


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