Planners ignore open space recommendations, OK two subdivision maps.

DAYTON -- Planning officials on Tuesday approved two Dayton-area subdivision maps but ignored new open-space recommendations included in the recently adopted West Central Lyon County Land Use Master Plan.

Dennis Smith, representing the 138-lot, 54-acre Silverhorn subdivision, and Glen Martell, representing the adjacent 153-lot, 71-acre Bluestone Estates, said the 20 percent open-space requirement in the master plan was unrealistic.

Both subdivisions are located south of Highway 50, about four miles east of Dayton.

"We understand the concerns of the community for open space and support it, but there has to be a trade-off for these developments to provide that kind of open space," Smith told the board.

"When we are looking at a potential 190 lots on this property and we are proposing 138, I can't go back to my client and say, 'Let's throw out 20 percent of the development and leave it in open space.'"

Planning Commissioner Chuck Davies acknowledged the master plan goal of leaving 20 percent open space in every development but said taking approximately 10 acres out of the Silverhorn development was too much.

Smith said 5 percent of the Silverhorn subdivision is designated as open space for drainage corridors and a retention basin. Some walking trails are planned.

According to Martell, the Bluestone subdivision will have 4 percent open space.

Smith and Martell said they would be willing to work together to try and come up with common open space for a park. Smith plans to meet with Central Lyon County Parks on Tuesday to discuss open-space issues.

The developers pointed out the county has no plan to maintain the open areas.

"There has to be a mechanism to take care of the open space and identify the ownership of it," Martell said. "Who will have liability? How will trade-offs be made? These developments are caught in the transition."

Both maps were unanimously approved as presented.


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