Scholarships handed out at reception

Martha Tschetter wasn't raised to go to college. Neither of her parents went and she never thought she would either.

And at age 20, she has two children to support on her own.

"Once I realized I needed skills to get a job I enjoyed, I decided to go to college," she said.

So she enrolled in Western Nevada Community College two years ago to study criminal justice with hopes of getting a job in law enforcement.

And that goal got a little easier Thursday night when she was awarded three scholarships totaling $1,500.

Tschetter was one of 88 students who received more than $70,000 in scholarships at the third annual scholarship reception, hosted by the college's foundation.

At the reception, scholarship recipients are able to meet with those who offer the donations.

"I'm really looking forward to being able to express my gratitude to the donors," Tschetter said.

The scholarships will ease the financial burden of a single mother going to school.

She said she will mainly use the money given to her to pay for child care for her two boys Justin, 3, and Andrew, 1.

"It's very hard trying to balance out the life of going to school, working and taking care of your family," she said. "But it's only hard for a little while. It's definitely worth the sacrifice. In the end, the reward will definitely be worth it."

She plans to raise her children differently from her own upbringing.

"My parents couldn't teach us something they didn't know," she said. "This is something I will pass on to my children. I will stress it their whole lives."

The foundation holds more than $400,000 in endowments and receives donations from corporate sponsors, charitable foundations, professional associations, community service clubs and private citizens.

Scholarships were awarded ranging from $200 to $3,000.


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