Continuing to work on reducing the slice

As discussed in the previous columns a slice is caused by the clubface being open to the path of the swing.

A person with a bad slice usually has the club traveling on an outside to in path with the club well open to that path. We have started the correction by first aiming the body and positioning the ball correctly. Last week we worked on a drill to keep the

face square through impact. Today's column is dedicated to avoiding the most common fault leading to an outside to in swing path.

This fault is the reverse pivot. A reverse pivot is a pivot in which the body moves to the left on the back swing and back to the right on the forward swing. This incorrect pivot is often caused by two misconceptions: The first being that the head should remain down and still; the second is the poor visual image

that we should get under the ball.

The correct pivot is one in which the body follows the natural path of the club going back and forward.

To develop the pivot motion for the back swing use this effective exercise:

a Adopt the address position.

a Place a club on the inside of the right foot.

Hold a club across the line of the shoulders.

a Rotate the shoulders and chest around the stable and flexed right knee.

a See that the club across the shoulders is over the club on the ground.

a The head is allowed to turn and move slightly to the right.

a The shoulders have rotated at right angles to the spine angle.

a The upper body is stacked over the right thigh slightly behind the ball.

Terry Gingell is the PGA Director of Instruction at Eagle Valley Golf and can be reached at 887-7174.


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