Silver State Gymnastics strong in meet

The Silver State Gymastics team of Carson City had a strong showing recently at a meet in Grass Valley, Calif.

Participants from Carson City, Reno and California competed in the meet.

Silver State swept the top three spots at level 6 for ages 8-11 and the top two sports at level 4 for ages 6-8.

For ages 8-11 at level 6, Jessica Brazeau won the all-around title by sweeping first in the uneven bars, the balance beam, the vault and floor exercise. Kesley Cicvara placed second in the all-around and Sarah Steele too third in the all-around.

In level 4 for ages 6-8., Amanda Brazeau won the all-around, placing first in the vault, second in the uneven bars and beam. Maddi Saarem placed second in the all-around, winning in the uneven bars and placed third in the vault.

Nine-year-old Hannah Winder also won the all-around title at level 4. Samantha Smith placed fifth in the all-around and fourth in the floor exercise and beam for level 4 ages 10 and up.

For ages 7-9 at level 5, Kalie Parmenter placed third in the all-around, second in the vault and third in the floor and beam. Nicole Updegrove placed fourth in the all-around and Natalie Trejo took eighth in the all-around, sixth in the bars and seventh in the vault.

Ten-year-old Shawntay Hudson won the all-around title at level 5, placing first in the vault and beam and second in the floor and uneven bars.

For ages 11 and up at level 5, Samantha Cobb placed sixth in the all-around and won the vault. Alyssa Mesecher placed eighth in the all-around.

At level 6 for ages 12 and up, Brooke Conway placed second in the all-around after recently returning from a lengthy injury. She also won the floor.

Silver State's next meet will be Oct. 12 at Reno's Flips Gymnastics. Silver State is located on Deer Run Road. For more information, call (775) 882-2433.


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