State ballot propositions at a glance

Other statewide measures on the Nov. 5 Nevada ballot:

Question 1 -- Authorizes $200 million in general obligation bonds to preserve water quality, protect open space, lakes, river, wetlands and wildlife habitat and improve parks and other recreational areas and historic sites statewide.

Question 3 -- Provides a sales tax exemption for farm equipment and machinery.

Question 4 -- Provides a sales tax exemption for motor vehicles, parts and components used by professional racing teams.

Question 5 -- Repeals a constitutional rule against perpetuities in estate planning.

Question 6 -- Amends the Nevada Constitution to extend the time before a state Supreme Court justice or district court judge appointed to fill a mid-term vacancy must run for election.

Question 7 -- Amends the Nevada Constitution to exempt from the state debt limit money borrowed by the state for acquisition, construction or improvements of public elementary and secondary schools.

Question 8 -- Amends the Nevada Constitution to allow the Legislature to reduce property taxes on a single-family residence occupied by the owner to avoid a severe economic hardship to that owner.


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